Monday, March 29, 2010

1000 Gifts

holy experience

I haven't done 1000 Gifts for awhile...

453. Many of the migratory birds are back. Their birdsong in the morning and evening is so wonderful to hear!

454. Learning about being one in the Spirit with our church family.

455. Still enjoying my birthday flowers. The Engineer knows to bring me carnations over roses. They last so much longer :o) and still brighten up the house!

456. New life in the gardens.

457. A great evening out with my homeschooling friends. It nice to have friends I can see face to face who "get" it when the house is a mess and the kids are driving you crazy. Oh, we laugh and laugh. I guess we don't get out much ;o).

458. Already one month done in waiting for a match. Lots to go, but it's still amazing to think that we're simply waiting for a match now.

459. The slow drawn out process of getting the basement organized, clean, and finished. Things are looking better all the time.

460. Feta cheese. I LOVE feta cheese. I eat it almost everyday. Yum!

461. Children who see the mess and clean up without me pleading with having to ask them to clean it up.

462. Laughter. Lots of laughter in our home. It make the busyness of life that much more bearable.

463. My little group of GEMS girls. They are so fun and funny! It's neat to see their little personalities each week and watch them grow and bloom.

464. The anticipation of Easter. Where would we be without Christ's sacrifice for us!? Thank you Lord for your saving Grace!

Then go quickly and tell his disciples: 'He has risen from the dead and is going ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see him.' Now I have told you. Matthew 28:7

To see more blessings in the everyday, visit here at Ann Voskamp's Holy Experience.


  1. Sweet and lovely. Feta cheese. Funny. Sending springtime love your way . . .

  2. Yes, where would we be with out Christ's sacrifice?
    And laughter is wonderful! I can imagine that you are a most amazing mommy!
    You have many gifts! I pray that all that you do this week will point the way to the cross and to His glorious resurrection!

  3. Beautiful photo! I miss the robins ... I hope they enjoyed their FL winter vacation. :)


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