Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sixty Seconds on Tuesday

I'm joining Jenny at Just a Minute for her Sixty Seconds on Tuesday. She found my blog a while back and I was so inspired by hers that I've been following hers ever since. Jenny says, "Each moment is a precious gift worth remembering in captured word or photo."

My "non-reader" absorbed in a Playmobile catalogue. I can't get over how many hours of amusement this catalogue has provided the children.


  1. I love that she is cradling her bunny and bear.
    Great picture.

  2. I agree with Annesta - the bunny and the bear look very loved!

  3. My kids love to pour over these catalogs as well!

  4. This is exactly what I had in mind. Such an "Ordinary" moment, yet it speaks volumes to your momma heart about your child. Thank you for sharing a minute of your day.

  5. Many hours spent in these here too.
    Love the compnay she has :o)

  6. Playmobil and Lego around here!

    She sure is intent. :)

  7. Yes, our children, too, used to browse the Lego catalog and brochures to tatters before there was such a thing as Playmobil. Their young and imaginative minds must be churning, to get so much mileage out of them.

  8. So true about the Playmobile catalog! My son has one in his drawer that is falling apart. He loves to look at the pictures over and over again. But I guess I'm the same way with cookbooks.
    Thanks for stopping by my place at Yellow Shoe Day. I'm pretty new to blogging so it is a thrill to see visitors.
    Love your colorful header.

  9. Sweet photo! My two salivate over Playmobil catalogs as well.


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