Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hey! What's Going On?!

 For some reason, birds like our house. They're in love with our windows. Or perhaps they are in love with looking at themselves in our windows. All I can say is that they are NUTS! Yesterday it was just the male cardinal. We were thrilled to see him with a chubby little female this morning, but now she's hanging out at the windows too. Have to love peer pressure! I take all our screens out in the winter, so maybe we should open the windows and let them in. Squirt would like a pet bird :o).

For more crazy birdness, visit my blogging friend at Organized Everyday. Her post had me laughing out loud at the absurdness of these silly birds.


  1. Deborah...

    As always, beautiful, beautiful pictures.



  2. Wow those pics are to beautiful!!!! Love that red against the black and gray, awesome!

  3. Then maybe Squirt would like zebra finches...they are very merry house birds. We have four at the present time and I realized there is always some sort of bird sound in my house these days.

  4. Fabulous photos that made me smile! I love that chubby mama cardinal!

  5. Deborah,
    Your post with these lovely pictures have made my day. I just love birds and especially cardinals.
    How lovely that they like your house!
    I think I know why... because you are such a warm person.

  6. Wow! Beautiful pictures!! Can we combine our talents? I'll write the funny story and use your pics!

    You really capture the moment with your photography!

    Thanks for the LINK. Wow!

  7. That's just crazy.

    I'd love to see a cardinal.


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