Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Sunday afternoons can be pretty dull quiet around here. In order to defeat the boredom of a chilly dark Sunday afternoon (after a week of sunny days and mild temperatures), the girls decided to bake from the Redwall Cookbook.

The Redwall books by Brian Jacques are a big hit in this house. Bub has not only read every single one he can get his hands on, he requested the cookbook too. His sisters (well, the ones who like to read anyway), are now pouring through the books and were inspired to do some baking rodent style :o).

They didn't turn out quite the way they were supposed to. The nunnymolers all popped open on them.

But they were very tasty nonetheless!


  1. Oh yum... like little tarts. I want some nunnymolers!

    Love your spring green - looks like your resolved your blogger issues. :D


  2. I had to come over and see what this wierd word meant. Looks pretty yummy to me.

  3. They look delicious!

    Love your springy green! Very pretty!!

  4. How sweet! I didn't know there was a Redwall cookbook! I am back and so happy to be home. It was wonderful in every way, though!

  5. I have been trying to convince ds1 to check out the Redwall series. I just showed him the cookbook photo and he showed interest. Funny the power the lure of treats has over him. LOL I hope our library system has the cookbook. :)


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