Friday, February 12, 2010

The Great Backyard Bird Count

My friend Kim at Sunny Days and Starry Nights participated in this event last year and was kind enough to remind me that we could participate this year too. So while we were eating lunch we thought we would observe all the birds who came to visit at the feeder. Would you believe that after twenty five minutes, and the last child disappeared downstairs, that we finally had a bird come to the feeder? It's almost as if they knew we were going to be counting them. Truth be told though, the feeder was practically out of food, so I filled it. I think they're always a little shy after we fill the feeder. We'll try again later today and over the weekend.


  1. Maybe they don't like people watching them eat, insecure birds,Ha!

  2. I love, love, love to watch the birds at our feeder. I love birds...all kinds! On weekends, when I have time to sit and enjoy gazing out to the back yard, I get so excited when the birds decide they want to eat and allow me to watch them.

  3. We had one blue jay, one male cardinal, and one female cardinal come to our feeder over the course of 4 days! This was definitely an off year. We do make it a point to go to other spots to count, but nonetheless it was a disappointing year for a lot of species around here. I suppose they aren't pleased with the unusually cold weather we've had.


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