Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympic Fever

Our poor television, has no idea what has gotten into us. For a family who rarely to never watches television, we suddenly have it on non stop. We LOVE watching the olympics. Originally, we were supposed to be there seeing some of it live, but changes at the Engineer's work last January, caused a drastic change in saved income and our olympic dream faded in the dust of ticket expenses and hassles. The brightest spot was that we were going to stay with good friends for the week and would go a couple of days as two families. It would have been great fun to spend extra time with our friends, see the olympics, and explore their neck of the United States. We will miss that!  Don't feel too sad for us though ;o) because we do have other plans for some great family time coming up in just over a week. We won't be able to spend it with friends of ours, but it will be fun all the same.

I'm wondering how we are going to do school this week with the telly on. I guess I will just have to be not led into temptation to turn it on until the work is done. Well, we'll manage I'm sure. Now off I go to watch some luge!


  1. Hi Deborah,

    How fun to be hosting the Olympics in Canada! Having the Olympics in your backyard screams TEACHABLE MOMENT to me! I think you can combine both activities: the Olympics and schooling, so you don't have to entirely turn off the TV. First there's math: Just think of all the possibilities you can work into your math curriculum as your kids make estimations, calculate averages or work with probability using competitor's scores in various events. You can work in story problems using the speeds of lugers, skaters or skiers. What about the geometry involved in some of those spins figure skaters do? Social studies? Your kids can research the countries of favorite athletes or the history of a particular sport or even the history of the Olympic games themselves. Language arts? Read biographies of famous Olympians past and present, create shared writing stories about the events. Keep journals. What wonderful descriptive language kids can use as they describe a skater's fancy costume, music, and amazing routine or use visual imagery to write about the sights and sounds of skiers flying down hills. How did it make your kids feel to see their country represented during the opening ceremonies? What sport would they like to try and why? I see lots of writing possiblities here! I hope you have tons of fun exploring with your family!

  2. I keep forgetting to watch! You reminded me!

  3. We'll be glued to the tv! I am not a snow & cold kind of girl, but the winter Olympics thrill me far more than the summer Olympics. My oldest asked me earlier today what we were going to do about school tomorrow since Olympic programming comes on at 1pm. I have a feeling it'll be a mad dash to get as much as completed as possible each day before the afternoon programming and then we'll tackle the rest before programming resumes again in the evening. Both my boys are really excited to be watching this year.

  4. Wonderful Enjoy the Olympics ~we have wanted to go and see it also but have yet to make it ~Have a wonderful week I hope your feeling all better now from your Migraine ~Happy Valentines Blessings Love Heather ;)


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