Monday, February 8, 2010

The Birthday Girl

Beans turns ten today while her Daddy boards a plane bound for Oklahoma. We had her birthday party on Saturday. She wanted Filipino food for supper, so I made pancit, gintaang manok, and pan de sol. We had traditional birthday cake for dessert though.

It was ten years ago, late on a Tuesday afternoon on the eighth of February that our little "Native baby" made her appearance. She had a full head of the darkest hair imaginable and her eyes were so dark brown they were almost black.By the time she was six months it was turning blonde and by age two she was almost a white blonde. She was a very happy easy going baby. She observed everything and didn't try anything until she knew she could do it. She didn't walk until fifteen months, which made our first "big vacation" with her very easy. You could put her on a blanket in the grass and she wouldn't leave it because she didn't like the feel of the grass.

Ten years later, she still will not attempt most things until she understands exactly how to do it and do it right. She is our musician. She plays both piano and violin and does very well at both of them. She is still pretty easygoing too, but she does have her stubborn moments. She is our loud child. (Middle child syndrome perhaps)? However, her humour, wit, quick laughter, and affectionate nature brings us much joy. God has blessed us!

Happy Birthday, Beans!!

The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy! Psalm 126:3


  1. A very Happy Birthday Indeed ~May The Lord Bless You all of your days ~Love Heather

  2. Don't we have such blessed times celebrating some of God's greatest gifts to us? What a beautiful tribute to "Beans". I love the bare feet!

  3. Happy Birthday sweet Beans! Hooray for middle kids!

  4. Such a cute, precious daughter!
    Love the pictures. Hope it was a lovely birthday for her and all of you.

  5. They grow up so fast!!! Happy Birthday to her!!!

    Would you share your recipe for pancit? I haven't found one I really like yet. Thanks!

  6. What a dramatic change in her appearance from baby to now! But lovely all the way, on the inside and out.

    Happy Birthday :D


  7. Happy Belated Birthday Miss Beans!!!

  8. God Bless your little darling this year!!!!

  9. Double digits! Happy birthday, Beans!


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