Monday, February 8, 2010

1000 Gifts

holy experience

429. Lengthening daylight.

430. That we are all very healthy.

431. Friends who care about each other enough share each others sorrows.

432. A birthday girl this week. (Beans turns ten today)!

433. The power of prayer.

434. A fun (extended)family day on Saturday.

435. Older members of our small town community who are willing to share their gifts/skills with younger members.

436. Church groups that seek to engage our children and help them grow in their love for Jesus.

437. Children who are passionate about their music.

438. Fresh coffee and the most amazing buttertarts from our small town's sweet little coffee shop.

439. Good books!

440. My brother's uncanny ability to have as all doubled in laughter. (He seriously thought his shirt said "I love my job". He did buy it in the work clothing section afterall)!

441. Other family birthdays this week ( my mom and two of my SIL's).

442. A lot less dust in my house than last week ;o).

443. Coziness. Warm clothes, flannel sheets, slippers, fuzzy scarves.

444. Ice skating outdoors at night!! Sooo fun!!

445. Crisp sunny days and incredible sunrises and sunsets.

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