Sunday, December 6, 2009


Yesterday the children had a visit with Sinterklaas and Zwaarte Piet (Black Peter). For the first time ever, all of them talked with Sinterklaas and there were no tears. We enjoyed Dutch currant buns for lunch and croquettes for supper.
Their shoes were filled with treats and gifts before we went to bed. (That Sinterklaas is good at his job)!

Before the sun had even climbed above the horizon, there were giggles, chatter and the sound of a kazoo (seriously!!) coming from the room next door. All hoping that Mom and Dad would get up, so the early risers could open their packages.

Hooray! Tasty treats, LEGO, and other fun stuff!

Then it was time to get ready for church. The kids were lighting the Advent candle. That however is a story in itself. I will save that for another day!


  1. They look like they are TOTALLY into the Christmas spirit! I wish my students could whoop it up like your kids are doing. I like your new "look" here! The header is so lovely.

  2. I love your traditions. And four pairs of black shoes all lined up made me feel the anticipation too! There is in my recollection a child's story including Sinterklass and Zwarte Piet.

  3. Those shoes were soo very adorable. I love your traditions. We do it as well. Well in a way.

  4. Fun! Love the shoes full of gifts. :)


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