Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I went to take one of my flutes to church on Sunday to help the kids in children's worship learn a new song for their Christmas program. One flute is an expensive one, and one is a very inexpensive one, that despite it's lack of cost produces quite a lovely sound. As I went to grab a flute I discovered there were not two of them sitting on the shelf. My expensive one is gone! I still think it's somewhere around because I know it was on the shelf not that long ago.

I have since been tearing the house apart in search of it. I have yet to find it. While in the process of my hunt, I was also preparing for a GEMS lesson. (We're working on our rubber stamping badge). I have discovered that I am missing some craft supplies. They have not turned up yet either. Talk about frustrating!!

It's funny because people so often think I am super organized. I guess when it comes to being prepared for things, I am organized, but when it comes to knowing where things are, I am not. Of course, it would really help if I didn't have so many interests and a basement that is going on year two of renovations -- or rather lack there of. I seem to live my life in a perpetual limbo. Waiting... for a basement to be finished so I can figure out how to store all my junk stuff, and hoping that there will be enough hours in a day to let me go crazy with my creative side.

I'd show you a picture of my very unorganized basement, but of course I can't find it. I told you I was unorganized ;o)!

***Updated: Woo hoo! I found my missing craft stuff! I knew it couldn't be far. Now, if only I could find my flute...


  1. Oh, I hope you find your silver flute! You will. I hate it when I can't find things. I have to search until I do.

  2. The Lord will help you. It's so hard when we lose things, isn't it? I thought I lost $150.00 worth of grocery gift cards, and I struggled with the Lord over this for a few days until he had them show up. I was so relieved. Never waste a good trial.

  3. I go nuts when I can't find things, while my husband lives by the A.A. Milne philosophy, "One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries."

    Not that you're disorderly... but praying you soon make an exciting discovery :0)


  4. Oh, I can sympathize - I'm a musician when I'm not anything else (!!!) and I feel the pain of a nice instrument being missing. As an earlier commenter said, I hope you discover it soon!

  5. Oh I hope you find it! I am a very unorganized organized person ehehe Blessings Heather


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