Friday, December 4, 2009


Tomorrow Sinterklaas is celebrated in our ancestral country of the Netherlands. This giving of gifts on the eve of the sixth has become a tradition in our home. It is usually something small and fun. Of course their shoes must be filled with Dutch treats also. We've made it very simple so far, but I think now that all the kids are older and reading well, we're going to have them start making gifts and poems for each other and coming up with fun ways to wrap their gifts too. The anticipation for tomorrow was quite high in the house today!

Photo taken: Dec 2006. My how their feet have grown since then!


  1. I love all those shoes lined up in a row :0)


  2. What a pretty picture of all the shiny shoes! This tradition is meaningful! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I noticed the Max Lucado book under the tree...good choice! Happy Sinterklaas!

  4. What a fun tradition! I love Christmas and all the traditions that make it uniquely special to each family!

  5. How cute. There are so many wonderful traditions that surround Christmas! Enjoy ~Blessings Heather


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