Thursday, December 24, 2009

As A Baby Jesus Came

As a baby Jesus came
From His home above
He left His throne and who He was
To teach us how to love

As a baby Jesus came
Wrapped in swaddling cloth
Willingly took on humanity
Though He was one with God

As a baby Jesus came
To one day grow to be
The saviour of the human race
People like you and me

As a baby Jesus came
As God’s eternal light
That will never be extinguished
But forever shine out bright

As a baby Jesus came
The hope of eternal life
Reconciling us back to God
Giving meaning to our lives

As a man Jesus died
His blood poured out for all
Cleansing and forgiving us
For to this He was called

We thank Him that He came a babe
And grew to be a man
And for His sacrificial love
His nailed scarred feet and hands

Through it all we can live on
With Jesus Christ our Lord
The babe that came that first Christmas
Is what we thank Him for

© By M.S.Lowndes

May you experience the joy of Christ's birth this Christmas time! Wishing you all a blessed Christmas!


  1. Hello and Merry Christmas sweet Deborah! I LOVE our connection in the blog world but more so in the Body of Christ! YOU are a joyful friend!

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