Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Many are the Lightbeams

We have church on Christmas Day. No sleeping in for us -- not that we could if we wanted to :o). Happily church is at ten instead of our usual 9:30 am. BUT we have to be there earlier for the girls to practice their liturgical dance. It is our three girls and our friends' daughter. The song is called Many are the Lightbeams and it is beautiful. You can find it on Y**Tub*, but I won't link it as it is actually sung in Latin on there and the girls are doing their choreography to the English version.

Today was another rehearsal. This time with the lit candles they will be using on Christmas Day. (I'm still not sure it is a good idea as our kids actually lit the Advent wreath on fire on the second Sunday of Advent when they did the reading. Beans suffered a burned thumb, but no other damage was done thankfully). Today's rehearsal went well, with the exception of the two little ones being frightened by the fact that the candles were lit. In the end they did their parts too, but I had to do some serious convincing bribery to get Squirt to cooperate.


  1. Oh very cute picture....Good Luck & Merry Christmas `Heather :)

  2. This Christmas tree is absolutely fabulous! Thank you for sharing it! Merry Christmas to you and yours! Please enjoy this wonderful holiday. It sounds like you have a lovely day planned with you family! What a blessing!I remember how excited I was to finally get on the wait-list!!!I'm so happy for you...and I think it's great that you're now officially waiting for 2 beautiful little girls to come home to you.

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