Saturday, November 28, 2009

City on a Hill

Squirt was born December 12 and came home two days later. Before picking me up from the hospital, the Engineer went to our local Christian bookstore and picked up the CD City on a Hill -- It's Christmastime.It's a beautiful album and never ceases to bring tears to my eyes no matter where I am or what I am doing.

That was such a special Christmas. Bringing home a wee babe and reveling in the newness of her and being able to just relax and enjoy the rest of my family. At the same time though we had to deal with one very disappointed big brother. He wouldn't even look at Squirt for the first twenty four hours or so. He had prayed and prayed for a baby brother and then when he was actually a she, Bub was very disappointed. He did get over it very quickly when he realized that he would never have to share his room or his LEGO. In the end he happily shares his LEGO on occasion and his baby sister still thinks he's the coolest brother around.

This evening I decided to listen to the album again. It's music is gentle, yet upbeat. As I was working on reviewing my Sunday school lesson for tomorrow, snippets of that Christmas almost seven years ago kept popping into my head. Each Christmas season holds its own special memories doesn't it?


  1. Oh, I love that music! I had a CD of lullabies when our third was born and I rocked him and sang those sweet tunes to my sleep deprived self! Our Jenny adores her newborn babe! I'm so encouraged. Thank you for your dear words straight from a mother's heart, Deborah!

  2. Deborah, Sometimes I feel as if there is a common thread running from you to me.

    This song too brings tears to my eyes. I forgot about having this CD and went on a serious search for it around my house after you brought it to my memory. Upon joyfully finding the case, I was so disappointed upon opening it only to find an empty case. I believe my college-aged son might have it with him. Thank you for the reminder and the few minutes of joy this song brought to me as I listened.


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