Monday, November 30, 2009

1000 Gifts

holy experience

331. A hot cup of morning coffee.

332. Christmas tree brightness sparkling in the dining room.

333. Winter woolies in everyone's baskets awaiting the first snow.

334. A clean mudroom closet.

335. Family coffee time after church at my parents.

336. Digital photo frames.

337. Good books.

338. Daily reading time with the children.

339. Wool and knitting needles.

340. Pen and paper for making to do lists.

341. Bleary eyed children in the morning.

342. I am almost done my online course.

343. Quiet mornings to

344. Spend in prayer and God's Word.

345. Anticipation!

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  1. The tree sparkling in the dining room looks WONDERFUL!

  2. Love the tree :0)

    And I'll swap your morning coffee for tea or cocoa, and I'll join you!



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