Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Crafty Girls

Peach found a wonderful book from the library using felt for craft making. She has done a couple of projects out of it, as well as a couple from some craft books we've bought for the children over the years.

A while back she had hers sisters being creative too. It's fun to watch them work.

I'm enjoying their completed leaf foil projects in my bathroom. I keep looking at them wondering if we could put together a whole bunch of them to sprawl across the top of the mirror.


  1. Peach is beautiful like her MAMA!
    I love your crafts! I am going to buy some felt. I am always drawn to felt-y beauty! Way to go, Peach!

  2. I love to see sisters working together, doing crafts with their hands.
    We too are attempting some crafts. Rose was invited to be a part of an ornament exchange and she had to make ten ornaments. Charlotte is by nature my child that enjoys crafts the most, but Rose hung in there and got them all completed!


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