Thursday, October 8, 2009

Writing Skills

Bub's observation of his sister Beans' s violin:

(Click on the image to enlarge)

I'm not sure, but his observations seem to indicate a distaste for the violin...


  1. ha ha !! oh dear lol! well maybe in time he will come to appreciate it!~Blessings Heather

  2. mmm, I felt this way about my sister's violin too. :P
    And, just so you know, 'shiney' is not a word. 'shiny' is. : )

  3. Lol! Thank you, Brittany! I knew it didn't look right, and you caught me in my bad teacher act :0). (Too lazy to check the correct spelling).

  4. Something I would like to smash to pieces ... oh my! ROFL!

  5. Funny! Listing is such an accessible prewriting exercise. Now he can turn it into a little rant! Or maybe a poem!


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