Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Somehow I carved out a little time to sew last week -- the fact that my house is still in shambles proves where I found that time :o). A friend had a baby in September and another friend of mine who is also a photographer, and is blessed to have her own studio, asked me to make her some props for her smaller clients.

I made two baby bonnets:

The ladybug one is for the new arrival:

And the John Deere one is for my photographer friend.

The stuffed furry model is compliments of my teddy bear collection. I have no heads small enough to model anymore, and all of Squirt's dolls' heads were just too little for these bonnets.


  1. Beautiful! I love bonnets! Where did you get that precious pattern?

  2. Thank you Pom Pom it's a Butterick pattern. B4820. I've altered it to fit much smaller heads though. My first one fits my nine year old's head.

  3. oh those are so adorable!! Those are wonderful gifts ~Blessings Heather :D


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