Friday, October 9, 2009

Fabric Scraps

I've been going through my fabric scraps. It seems I have a great love for orange and yellow...

I think I might attempt to make my first quilt.


  1. Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Blessings Heather :D

  2. After seeing your bonnets I vote YES for quilt making! Yellow is so beautiful - I gravitate toward it, too! SMILE!

  3. Oh, your scraps would make a lovely quilt! I love yellows and oranges! It will be so cheerful!

  4. The colors would make a great picnic blanket! I think I am going to make one...when??? I had the idea of having fabric on one side & then getting some fun Oilcloth for the other side. That way when you lay it one the ground if it is at all wet, you can still sit without getting wet...I will let you know if it works! Good luck on your quilt.

  5. We share so many of the same things! I have on my to do list for the year, the making of a quilt. (Do not remind me it is already October.)
    How I wish we lived close by so we could inspire each other and get started on one.I find it helps when I am so busy with so many other projects (homeschooling to name one big one!) to have a class of sorts to keep me on a goal reaching track. I have decided that will probably be my best way to get a quilt done so I have looked into a class at the community college in January.

  6. Cathy,

    That would be so fun to each be working on one! Perhaps we can inspire each other by posting our progress (or lack of :o)) from time to time. I should look into taking a class too. That might be the only way I will get it done too.


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