Saturday, August 1, 2009

Swim Meet Number Three

This is the swim meet that is most conducive to taking photographs. You aren't stuck behind a fence or glass wall indoors, but in fact, get to sit around the pool with nothing in the way, but other photo happy parents. I'm not complaining about the blocked view because when my kids are swimming I'm in the way too. I love to capture them diving off the blocks. The good thing is typically most of the parents (including me) are only blocking the lane that our child is in.

Beans taking off from the blocks in the backstroke.

Finishing up the final strokes of the front crawl.

Peach diving.

Up for air in the breaststroke.

Bub doing his dive.

Competing in one of his favorite strokes, the butterfly.

It was a beautiful day and a superbly run meet! (We were done by noon)!


  1. Wow great pictures of some fabulous swimmers!! ~Blessings Heather ;-)

  2. The pool looks gloriously blue and inviting!


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