Thursday, July 30, 2009

Conference Chat

The theme for the GEMS program this year is Prayer No Worries. So, of course we learned lots about prayer. There were speakers on prayer and workshops on prayer. It was very encouraging -- especially because I feel I've been a little bored(??) with my prayer life.

Let me clarify bored. I go through my standard list of things/people to pray for regularly, sit and think for a bit, worry (yes worry) about home and what I forgot and eventually just move on with my day. It was inspiring to be reminded once again that I can go to God any time, any where, and with anything. Take my blog for example, I consider each one of you who comment and whose blogs I read special to me. In learning about you, you in some way become a special part of my life and I often lift one or all of you up in prayer. Sometimes I know you have special needs (such as travel safety). Other times it may simply be in thankfulness and praise for who you are. Very often when you are revealing your hearts, I read it and send up a prayer for you.

Another way of praying we learned, is a prayer walk. This can be done by walking through each room in your home and praying for your family members and the relationships that occur in each room, OR you can walk through your neighbourhood and pray for your neighbours, the schools, the churches, stores, playgrounds, etc. in your neighbourhood. Of course in this case, you would have to have your eyes open, but you can still be meeting with God.

I also loved practing praying the scriptures. What a powerful way of bringing others before the Lord! This one will take some practice as well as searching of the scriptures, but it is a very effective and non distracting way of praying -- not to mention, wonderful way of continuing to memorize scripture.

One other interesting way of praying is called praying in colour. I will however, leave that for another day, as I actually need to post a photo or two of that one in order to enable a better understanding of it.

In the meantime, I am also working on reading a really good book on prayer called Listening for God by Marilyn Hontz because when we pray we need to learn to listen for and recognize God's voice -- even in the mundane moments of life.

So, to say I was inspired and encouraged is just the beginning. The fact that I can take home and apply what I learned to my daily life is even more encouraging.

Oh and feel free to remind me (if you're interested) about the praying in colour post if I get side tracked too long.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6


  1. Hi Deborah! I've posted about Praying in Color on my blog and posted the link, too. I love it. It's so simple and creative! I love the prayer walk reminder. I'm going to do that at school when I go back (in two weeks, yikes!) I'm glad you were so blessed by the conference! You are a dear, dear believer and I am so thankful for the connection I have with you!

  2. At the All Ontario Young Adults Conference last year, they set up a prayer maze. In a classroom, they layed out a number of artifacts of our world (a TV set to static, a bucket of stones, candles, a bin of sand, to name a few) set up in stations through the maze. We were given an mp3 player with headphones and, as we went through the maze, listened to a number of meditations on themes related to each station. There were a few instructions on how we should pray at each station. It opened my eyes to all the different ways in which we can pray. Doing something as simple as dropping stones into a bucket of water or standing in a cool bit of sand can be a powerful act of meeting with God.

    Anyway, your post reminded me of that.

    Also, that verse is one of my favourites. When I graduated from catechism, it was the verse the church put into the front cover of my first Bible. Almost 10 years later, that verse was chosen (by a different pastor) to be read at my profession of faith.

  3. Hello Deborah,
    I just noticed that you talked about my book, Listening for God, on your blog. Thank you - What a fun surprise!

    It so happens that I am speaking at a church for Gems next week...I've been working on your great theme: Prayer No Worries. :) I'll also be speaking at the Gems Conference next July. If you are there, please look me up.

    After reading your blog, I'm going to be checking out your idea of "praying in colour"-that sounds so interesting.
    God bless you as you continually seek to listen to the loving whispers of your Heavenly Father!
    Marilyn Hontz


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