Sunday, August 2, 2009

1000 Gifts (#'s 105- 126)

I haven't done this again for a long while, so this list may be long, but it is a wonderful reminder that even though the summer isn't going as I had planned, God is still faithful.

105. a time for spiritual renewal and refreshment last weekend.
106. a few beach days
107. perfect night time sleeping weather
108. kitten softness
109. wonderful friends for my children
110. birthday parties
111. the popping sound of wheat drying
112. fresh produce from the garden
113. peaches!!
114. healthy children
115. a sport that the whole family loves to compete in/watch
116. crickets singing their summer songs
117. the hum of combines working late into the night
118. fantastic photo shoots
119. beautiful storms over the lake
120. rain when it is needed
121. spectacular sunsets.
122. bright sunny mornings
123. my dad who does awesome things for our home
124. relaxing Sunday afternoons
125. early morning sunrises
126. devotions in the morning silence


  1. Great posting ..........lots of blessings and gifts in there ~Heather ;-)

  2. Your grateful heart cheers my soul! Aren't the simple "freebies" the absolute BEST? How can anything beat a storm over the lake? That sounds magical! Thanks, Deborah!


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