Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Cobble Patio

This is the third time the Engineer has worked on this project. The first time it was simply a sidewalk that connected the laneway with the house and the garage. The second time we made it a little larger. This happened after our back wall was dug out and redone to prevent any basement leaks.

This spring the basement unfortunately leaked again due to improper drain work the first time and had to be dug out again. This time we had a different contractor though. Of course the cobble had to be removed again, so the drains could be redone, so we made the patio area bigger again.

You can see where older and new meet based on the lighter and darker colours of the stone.

Blocking in around the window wells.

Nearing completion.

All done! We just need some more sweeping sand and to bring the grade up to the edge with dirt, seed it in and we have a sweet little patio.

The funny thing is it will not be an area that we sit on very much as it is usually a wind tunnel between the house and the garage. I do like the fact that I don't have to try and mow between there anymore though. Through the long cold winter, I will have plenty of opportunity to dream up what I will do with it come spring. Maybe it won't be very windy next year :oP!


  1. It looks great! Such precise placement of the cobbles!

  2. Wow that looks fabulous, he did a wonderful job ;D ~Blessings Heather

  3. How lovely... I love the stone and the unique way you blocked in the windows!


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