Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer's Farewell.

I know the first day of fall doesn't begin for a couple of weeks yet, and we've been having some really beautiful weather here lately. You could almost say we finally have summer -- if it weren't for the ever present breeze that keeps things a just a little cooler at this time of the year.

We already have two weeks of school under our belts, but yet, the routine is not there yet. That will begin to happen this week. No more late week nights because of evening walks along the beach, or campfires in the yard. No more not getting dressed until its time go outside to play -- and then when you do get dressed, its in a swimsuit.

Doing schoolwork in the morning sunshine. Check out those dirty feet already!!

No, it's time to get back into a routine. Chores, schoolwork, practicing our music, AWANA, and other church activities. These final days of warm sunshine and cool breezes have been a real pleasure and a blessing. A gift to hang onto when the dark chilly days of late fall begin to fall one upon another in rapid succession.

We are very blessed! Blessed to live where we do, and blessed by lots of beautiful sunny days this past week.

Blessed to have family nearby, and blessed to be able to enjoy doing things together.

Fun with Dad in my Aunt and Uncle's pool.

Heading out for a long afternoon bike ride. Perfect weather!!

Blessed with friends new and old, and fun times to be had together.

For awhile, I thought we didn't really have summer this year, but in the end, it turned out to be a summer to savour. First family bike rides, first camping trip with no rain, first summer to truly neglest my gardens and see that they still survive ;o). In the depths of winter I will look back on this summer and revel in the endless photos that were taken. I will be able to feel the warmth of the sun once again, and hear the laughter of our children in my mind.

Thank you Lord for summer!

holy experience

***1000 Gratitudes #'s 164-171


  1. Yes, I agree! I'm so thankful for such a beautiful summer - so peaceful and stunningly glorious! The Lord displays His majesty AGAIN! xopp

  2. How fun to do school in the sunshine, dirty feet and all! :)



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