Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One Step Forward

We received notification today that our homestudy is now with the Ontario government waiting for approval. Friends of ours have said that the wait time is up to eighteen weeks. but we'll see. It's all in God's hands. He knows what He is doing far better than we do.

Yippee! I think we need a mini celebration tonight!


  1. Yeah! This is exciting news. Just one more step in this whole process!


  2. That is really exciting Deborah!! Congratulations hope it all goes swiftly for your family may the Lord be over and bless everything with the adoption. ~Blessings Heather

  3. Hooray for you all! Including your little one waiting on you so far away.

  4. I agree with Sonja! The little one waits and the Lord moves. It's so exciting!

  5. Congratulations! With the slow speed of approval for so many things these days, I was thinking 18 weeks didn't seem like that long.


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