Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rainy Day Doings

Please don't tell me that this is going to be another summer that never was. Two nice warm sunny days, and then this:


I was already feeling under the weather with a headache and meds that only succeeded in making me feel wonky all day. It's been so dark here that we had the lights on almost all day and no one seemed to know what to do with themselves. I finally made popcorn and told the kids to go watch a movie. Then I called my friend so we could talk photography and I would hopefully get my mind off of feeling so yucky -- at least for awhile.

In my totally random puttering and aimless wandering today, I did manage to do some work on a little project (I will show it in a couple months when it's done) and take some photos of a few things I have been working on or worked on in the past.

Tag blankets. I really don't think people understand them, but I like them and have given them as gifts a few times. Let me explain. Many babies like the feel of the tags on their bedding stuffed animals etc. A tag blanket is simply a more portable version for a baby who likes to rub tags.

Bonnets. Two sizes here. The smaller ones fit approx age 6-12 months. The large ones (too large IMHO) fit approx age 2-3 years. My girls did wear bonnets yet at that age, but that was because their geeky mother felt they should wear some type of hat and I adored the bonnet look (still do).

I am still trying to get a good working pattern of several sizes, so for now this is all I've made. The little purple one has a ribbon tie instead of a fabric tie, but I've concluded that the fabric tie is easier to work with for the wearer's Mama, so no more ribbon ties -- unless... I'm short on fabric ;0).

Another skirt. This one went together lickety split. Of course it's the world's simplest pattern, so it's no surprise really, but I must actually be improving at the sewing because I never had any desire to toss the whole kit and caboodle out the window this time. I usually have at least one moment like that per sewing session.


  1. It's gray and rainy here, too!! And poor hubby has hay laying waiting to dry.

    The bonnets are really cute! And I'm enjoying all the variations on the skirts - I always forget about lace. (Maybe because my mom always remembered it on my clothes! *L*)

  2. I always put hats on my girls, too. Such a drag about the weather; rainy days are hard for everyone.


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