Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Something for our Travels

While tearing apart our two small, crawl in type storage areas (one because of a surprise leaky pipe -- and yes this is a different flood than the one in May), I discovered these two little cases in the attic crawl storage.

These are little pouches from Air Canada's glory days when they treated all their customers like royalty. Mind you, we were flying with the Engineer's work during his company's glory days when we could go first class -- and with a ten month old nursing baby. So, maybe coach wasn't quite as classy. However, I do remember flying coach with three kids and they each got a really cool backpack filled with Air Canada paraphanelia to keep them busy on the trip. In fact those must have simply been the glory days all around. We actually flew somewhere for a work/vacation??

Anyhoo, back to the little pouches. I thought they would be great for wearing under our clothing and for carrying our passports, cash, etc. when we make our big trip to the Philippines. It's still a long ways off yet, so hopefully I will remember that I have them and when I do, where I put them ;0)!

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