Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What is up with This?

This bizarre rash has been ongoing for about three weeks now, but before you think I am a horrible mother, let me say that I had her into the emergency room already the second day we noticed it. The doctor in emerg said that its an allergic reaction. We're still trying to figure out to what though. I have washed her sheets again in non-scented, mild laundry soap, used no fabric softener (not that I do very often anyway), we've changed her back to goat's milk soap, analyzed what she is eating that may be different, but all to no conclusion.

The strangest part is, some days its hardly noticeable and other days its a little bit noticeable, but at night -- at night, it is frightening! I finally had a brainwave last night and took photos. This way, our family doctor can see what I am talking about. I am beginning to think it is the grass. They played outside all day yesterday and you can even see it covering her cheeks and forhead. She came home from soccer two weeks ago looking the same way. She said she spent a lot of time on the ground, so...

Has anyone else ever had their little ones looking like this? What did you do?

**edited to note: Our doctor's visit has resulted in the conclusion that it is indeed hives, but not externally related. I was told it is likely a reaction to a viral infection (not a visible one). It should clear up in the next week or so, although some children are said to have to fight it for a few months. She needs absolutely no meds for it. It just has to work itself out on her own. Fascinating!


  1. I remember going through allergy testing when I was a child and grass turned out to be my number one allergy (big time!). I honestly can't recall if I had rashes like this though. Sounds like you might be onto something though...

  2. Well, I thought I was on to something, but I guess not.

    How do you mow the lawn if you're allergic to grass? Do you take an antihistamine or is there a natural remedy that you have that works well? I would love to know because I think I am a lifetime antihistamine user as they have enabled me to live a much more normal life. I'm just afraid of eventual side effects.

  3. Yikes!

    I had one break out like that at soccer one day - but it was a one-time thing and Benadryl cleared it up.

    I'm not sure if it was the grass or if a nearby farmer was spraying something that wafted over.

    I never knew it could be viral. Hope she clears up soon :0)


  4. I'm so glad I read this after you had her to the Dr. again, 'cause I've got nuttin'. Weird.

    Poor poor child. Does it bother her?

  5. Oh my! Isn't it hard not knowing.... My youngest has something similar to this. She has been to the dermotologists 5 times since we brought her home. It comes and goes ~ they don't know what it is.
    I hope you daughter's rash diappears and never comes back! ;)

  6. I think I must have grown out of my allergies. At most I get a little itchy sometimes when I sit on the grass now, but that doesn't happen often at all. My #2 allergy, according to all the tests I underwent, was animals but I have had animals all my life and grew up riding my uncle's horses and have never had a reaction or problem.

  7. Thankfully, the rash isn't painful. Just itchy occasionally. We have some cream we put on when it gets itchy and that seems to help.

  8. My daughter had this exact same thing... I wish I could show you the pictures it was identical. We were told the same thing it lasted several weeks before it was all gone. And we used some benadryl and we found that did help some. And some oatmeal baths but not really hot water because that can make hives worse.
    Praying she feels better soon.
    Blessings Heather


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