Monday, April 6, 2009

Int'l Adoption Seminar

We headed off to T-Dot early yesterday morning for an afternoon seminar on international adoption. It was a full room of adults anxious and excited to learn more about adopting a child internationally.

Ms.S is an excellent speaker (and very experienced too!)! She is not only fully certified in the field of social work and adoption, she also has an internationally adopted child.

Her seminar was very informative and engaging. We learned a lot and are once again a little overwhelmed with how much work is involved to bring our new Little One into our home. We appreciated learning about positive adoption language, understanding more of the adoption process, knowing who to talk to when we get a referral, and even a bit about attachment and bonding.

It was a lot to take in in a few hours, but it has made us more aware of what battles we will be fighting for our Little One to come home.

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