Monday, April 6, 2009

A Wild Monday!

The Engineer and I arrived home about midnight from the Newsboys concert -- which was incredible, I might add. They are fabulous musicians with an amazing ability to ensure that the glory goes to God and that the focus of what they do remains on Him.

When we arrived home, it was pouring pretty hard and in the morning we awoke to snow. It's been downright nasty all day. Wet snow and very blustery wind gusts. I called to say that I would not be going in for GEMS. When you live in the "boonies" like we do, sometimes it's just not worth the risk. I not only drive my girls in, but two other girls as well, so with the roads getting icy, I preferred not have that responsibility tonight.

We lost power for four hours here. Also pretty normal when you live out in the country, but part of it was during the children's music lessons. (We have a Clavinova, so it needs hydro). Our music teacher improvised, and they just had a little more theory work than normal.

I braved the elements and trotted outside for a few pictures.

Funny thing is, the robins don't seem to mind the weather at all. Hopefully soon we'll be back to the balmy temperatures of last week.

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  1. My word! The Newsboys? I can't help but be a little envious. (which reminds me, I have a little celebrity encounter of my own that I will post on my blog later)

    The snow sucks. We have it in hamilton too. Campus is a mess. And cold. Being on top of the mountain in the snow isn't the most fun. :P


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