Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Busy Weekend

It was a very busy weekend this weekend. At the same time, I did find time to simply relax and read.

Friday afternoon was sewing class for Beans, doctor's visits for Peach and I. We both have/had warts that needed some cryotherapy done on them. Mine are both plantar warts and have the nerve to not even be on the same foot. Needless to say, I currently have some issues walking normally. Wow! They can be painful!

Saturday, the Engineer and I were up and at it early, so we could head off to Ontario's capital for an international adoption seminar. We made it to Toronto in time for lunch at a busy little Vietnamese restaurant. We each had a soup. Delicious, but the bowls were HUGE!!! It was basically four bowls of soup in one, but oh so good! Neither on of us was able to finish it though.

Once we were done lunch, we were almost late for the seminar, but we made it just in time and of course got front row seats. Why does no one ever want to sit in the front? I like it! Probably because I'm easily distracted and when you're in the front row, there is far less distraction.

The seminar was excellent, but went by far too quickly!! We have lots to learn yet! At the end of the month we begin our PRIDE training. I'm looking forward to it because it will expand on a lot of what we touched on on Saturday. My biggest thing right now is understanding attachment and bonding. Hopefully, once we are done the PRIDE training, we will be ready to hand in our homestudy. That's a scary and exciting thought all wrapped into one!! Then our work is done, and we sit and wait... and wait. Hopefully not too long!

In a few minutes, we are off to a Newsboys concert with the youth group. It'll be another late night, but it'll be lots of fun too! Somehow, during the week I'll have to find time to catch up on my sleep.


  1. Warts eh. If Peach's are finger warts, I suggest Duct tape. I had warts on my fingers for years. One day, someone told me about the Duct tape method and let me tell like a charm. Although, it is no good for planters warts, it should take care of the finger ones. Just cut a piece of the silver stuff off, wrap it around the wart, and put a band-aid over it for aesthetic purposes. In a few weeks the thing will be gone.

  2. We didn't do the usual adoption training, so it's neat to hear that you enjoyed it. Maybe we missed out...

    I love Newsboys. "He Reigns" is playing on my computer right now!

  3. I'm not sure if it's the same, but sounds like it...

    I went through the PRIDE training when we had our niece living with us. Much of the information was helpful, but definitely have your "Christian filters" on :0)


  4. Peach's wart was a great big one on her knee. I have heard about the duct tape treatment. Brittany, I will definitely try it next time some one gets one. It seems to be a regular occurance in this family, so I'm sure we'll have the opportunity to try it :0)>

    PRIDE training is fairly new and became mandatory in 06/07 for anyone in Canada considering fostering or adopting within Canada and for international adoption as of this year, I think. I'm not sure that you missed out, Bobbie-Jo. Sometimes training programs are so ... I can't think of the right word. Doom and gloom??

    Another family in our church who is also adopting completed their program in February and said exactly what you said, Julie. We'll be sure to take some of it with a grain of salt.


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