Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gardening Gloves

When I am out in the garden, gloves are one of the most important things that I wear. Up until last year you couldn't get me to wear gloves, but my dad gave me this awesome pair of gloves last spring and stressed that I had to wear them. So I did! I fell in love with them. They prevent my hands from getting all scratched up and infected and my fingers from the permanent ground in dirt I usually deal with. My nails are always short, so that really isn't a factor, but I did like the fact that I wasn't scrubbing furiously to get the dirt out from under them whenever I had to go somewhere. They're a plastic-y rubber on the palms, so they stay quite dry in damp soil and they enable me to get a firm grip on those pesky weeds that just don't want to let go. One other nice thing, is that the cuffs are tight around my wrists, so dirt doesn't continually fall into them like most gloves I have tried.

Unfortunately, one of my beloved gloves disappeared last fall when I was doing some final weeding in the gardens. I haven't found it back yet, but in the mean time, I discovered a big pack of the same style of gloves at Costco. I immediately snatched them up. These are made by Gardena. I looked to see if they have them online, but I didn't find the pair that I have.

Here is what they look like:

They come in orange and turquoise :0).


  1. I'll have to be on the lookout for these. I hate to wear gloves when gardening, mostly for reasons you mentioned. There are quite a few spiders in our garden though and I am always concerned about being bitten.

  2. Those look like really great gardening gloves!

  3. Hi! I'm Becky and found you through Kelli. Love these gloves...may have to get me a pair!! I'll be doing some planting tomorrow!!

    Have a great Thursday!!


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