Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was sunny, but cool. We were blessed with the beauty of spring flowers, family time over a Good Friday brunch, an Easter Sunrise breakfast at church, and three very special services.

On Sunday, the Engineer, children, and I participated in the evening service, (as well as children as young as five years up to some of the more aged members of our congregation. I love how our church regularly and actively includes members of our congregation from all ages in worship)!! This was a special service of praise and thanksgiving for the wondrous things that Christ has done for us. We met in another church of our denomination as it was a combined service. It was a beautiful evening with the sunlight streaming in and the instruments playing. This church has incredible acoustics!

The video doesn't do it justice, but each of the girls sang a solo verse. I know I'm their mama and all, so of course I think they did a beautiful job. They were so calm and confident. Is it bad to say that I was thrilled?? I am glad that they are using their gifts for the glory of God.

Despite the cool temperatures outdoors, our hearts were warm. Warmed with the talent and commitment of our youth, and with the knowledge of what Christ has done for us.

*1000 Gifts

79. spring bouquets
80.Easter family brunch
81.Easter sunrise breakfast
82. daughters who love to sing
83. our Saviour who redeemed us from the pit. He lives!!


  1. What little I heard was really lovely (my boys are being rather rowdy at the moment so I'll come back when all is calm and give it a proper listen). :o)

  2. That is adorable. They did a great job.


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