Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Paper Crafting Wednesday

I have a great love for yellow-orange paper. Maybe because I'm not daring enough to paint any walls this colour, nor can I wear this colour without looking postively ill. It's such a bright cheery colour.

Here it is again paired with bright pink. It's actually one of my favorite combinations, but I have a cardmaking friend who gets the heebie jeebies seeing these two colours combined :0).

Some more baby cards made with ribbon or rickrack. Very simple and quick to make.

Kelli is an incredibly talented paper crafter. (Click on the button at the top). If you've never had a peek at her work before, you should. I absolutely love her cards and tags! Also check out some of the other ladies' work through the links. Fun stuff!


  1. Cute baby cards!!
    When my son was born (he is 39 now), for his announcements we did baby feet. Eveyone was appalled that we would do that to him!
    However, all was fine when i told them it was just the heal of my hand, and dots with my fingers. I was the one who had ink on, not the baby=0)

    Barbara Jean

  2. Love the saying on the first card and the little baby feet are adorable!!

    Have a great day!

  3. I LOVE your cards!

    And I'm laughing about your comments about the yellow-orange. I feel exactly the same way! I love using those colors (especially with blues), but can't wear them. I look like I died last week and didn't lay down.

    But they're such gorgeous colors!


  4. wow they are lovely. thankyou for sharing.

  5. Such sweet cards!! I make cards, too but have never made a baby card!! I will be picking up my paper crafting again in a couple of weeks!! I've missed it!!

  6. Deborah,
    Thanks for coming by.

    The glue runner is great!! My daughter told me about it.
    I get ours at Wal-mart. It is an Ad tech permanent glue runner.($3.50 or so?)
    there are refills too.
    It is the best buy i know of, but there are a lot of new ones on the market now, so don't know about them. I'm sure Michaels' has some kind, and you could use a coupon with them.

    Talk soon,
    Barbara Jean

  7. I LOVE your bright colors together! They make me smile! Good job on everything!

  8. I love the baby cards with the sweet feet!


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