Sunday, April 26, 2009

Back to Small Town Life

We stayed with the Engineer's parents on Friday night. They had the kids for the three days that we were gone. Saturday morning after sleeping in, and catching up over breakfast and coffee, we headed for home. We arrived home just after lunch to very gusty winds, and extremely warm and humid temperatures. My dad was here working on our stairs. We're (or I should say, he's ) hoping to get them finished soon.

The Engineer began tuning up our (riding) lawn mower only to discover that we have a major flat on the front tire, so no mowing occured -- which in the end was a good thing because I would have not been finished before the first of numerous thunderstorms rolled in. Ten minutes into the first storm, we lost power and had no hydro for about ten hours. (I am wondering when the first storm will roll in today as the weather is much like Saturday and I have a full clothesline of laundry).

We have blown our we-rarely-to-never-eat-out budget out of the water this month. Hopefully we will have no more situations where there is complete lack of time, and/or lack of food in the house, and/or lack of hydro for cooking any food. I think the next time we run into one of these situations, we'll fast until morning :0).

The cleaning fairy did not come while we were gone, so today after church, I had to do a quick pick up and clean. (My awesome hubby did all the vaccuuming)! We have Bible study here in the evening.

Tomorrow, it's do laundry, schoolwork, piano lessons, paperwork, our last GEMS night, and hopefully a little time to relax.

Regarding our adoption proceedings, we have four more documents to complete and we are finished our homestudy. Unfortunately, one of them requires an appointment and the person we need to see is on vacation until May 10, so we wait...

There is also some more good news and bad news on the adoption front. The bad news is that the Philippines put a moratorium on any more applications for children aged two and under. The good news is, we had already chosen to go with a child aged four and under. That means we can still go ahead and apply. I now understand why they say adopting puts you on an emotional roller coaster. I will be thankful when all our paperwork is done and and our documents are all in the hands of our adoption agency. Our work will be done and we will have absolutely no control over anything else that happens. We get simply get to wait... and wait...

And so continues our life in a small town. We're happy to be home where being caught in traffic means that two of vehicles are waiting at the same stop sign.

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