Saturday, April 25, 2009

PRIDE Training

Development and

training is mandatory in Canada. I can say that after the first two overwhelming, yet informative days that it should be mandatory everywhere and that it's too bad it couldn't be made mandatory for every expectant parent -- whether biological or adoptive. It might actually cause the frighteningly large number of children in our foster care system to go down.

We learned about how the foster care system works in Canada. They do their best, but some of it just doesn't make sense. We also learned about attachment, abuse, neglect, and trauma. Scary stuff that is! It makes me cry out silently for all the children who are robbed so early on of the chance to simply be a child.

Another important topic was the grieving process and how we are to manage this process in our children (and ourselves). Heavy stuff, but oh so important.

It was an exhausting and emotional weekend, but this training has been far more positive and interesting than we though it would be.

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