Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tidying Frenzy

I called our agency today to let them know that we have a social worker. They are sending lots of paperwork to our social worker.

Speaking of our social worker, she phoned us today from her cell phone. She was on the 402 on her way home from T-Dot and wondering if she could stop in and meet the children. The Engineer took the call and agreed. This was around five pm or so. I hadn't even started supper yet and the house was a mess after a busy homeschool day. I didn't realize how well our family could work together until after that phone call.

We went on a tidying frenzy. I knew we could never make the house white glove clean in time, but the least we could do was have it neat. The Engineer and the kids tidied and wiped sinks, etc. while I got supper ready. By the time our social worker arrived, we had supper eaten, the dishes washed and put away, and the house looking a little less lived in than just over an hour before.

The first thing she did was introduce herself to the kids. They were taken with her immediately. You could hear it by their incessant chatter as they toured her around the entire house. Then she had a short visit with us and off she went again. Now I'll take out the stuff we shoved under furniture and in cupboards ;oD.

So far so good I guess :o)!

I also registered us for an international adoption seminar on April 2.

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