Friday, February 13, 2009

Foto Friday

I found this fun meme on The Homeschool Post . Since I love taking pictures, I thought it might be fun to join in. Being the organized *snicker* person that I am, I am going to begin with the letter A.

Although there are no big Anniversary celebrations this year, last year there were three- actually, make that four "special" celebrations!!

The Engineer's parents celebrated their 50th Anniversary on May 9.

My parents celebrated their 40th Anniversary on July 13.

We celebrated our 15th Anniversary on October 2nd.

And my brother and his wife celebrated their twelve and a half year Anniversary on December 15th.

Huh?? Apparently it is Dutch tradition to celebrate your 12.5 Anniversary. I guess because it is halfway to 25??? I dunno, but really, with the divorce rate so high even/especially among Christians, I think Anniversaries are a very special thing -- whether it is a first or a 50th.

“Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”
~Robert Heinlein


  1. Yeah, I totally got that about the 12 1/2 anniversary... it's a big thing for us, too. My husband and I HOPE (hope being the main word :o)) to go somewhere hot for ours cause it will be in January. That is so wonderful about all those anniversaries... so special to see such a rich family heritage with no divorce. Beautiful.

  2. My sister started a "tradition" - which we love! - of sending our parents a Thank You card on their anniversary.

    As you said, with divorce so common, marriages should be celebrated!

    And what a cute pic of you and the Engineer! You look so young :0)

  3. Congratulations to you all! Everyone looks so wonderful.

    I'll have to remember the 12 1/2 year anniversary celebration in about 6 1/2 years. That would put us in, good time of year! I'll also have to mention this tradition to my mom--she's 1/4 Dutch.

  4. That's the first picture I've seen of you - I had imagined you a brunette! (No idea why, though!) You do look young - and very happy.


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