Sunday, February 8, 2009

She's Nine!

Nine years ago, on a sunny, below freezing winter day at 4:49 pm, I gave birth to our third child -- another sweet little girl. At 8lb 2oz and 21.5", she was my smallest baby yet. More surprising was her full head of almost jet black hair and her dark, dark eyes. By her first birthday though, that hair had turned white blonde, although the eyes stayed dark brown.

Miss Beans was a sweet easy-going toddler with an amazing abilty to laugh at everything. Hence the nickname Beans. To this day, she comes up with the most hysterical thoughts, will voice them outloud, and proceed to laugh uproariously at her own jokes.

Today, she is still the blondest (in hair colour and sometimes personality ;oP) of our four children. She is also incredibly smart (doing grade four/five although only supposed to be in grade three), fun, witty, incredibly musical, and brings us joy every day.

I forgot to mention!! She is obsessed with dogs (especially pugs)! For now she collects stuffed ones...

Happy ninth birthday Beans!! We are very blessed to have you as our daughter!


  1. Happy Birthday, Girl!!! My, what a lot of puppies... she sounds like a lot of fun, Deborah. :o)

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Miss Beans! That's quite an impressive collection of dogs!!!

    Isn't it amazing how hair color can change? I had blonde hair and blue eyes until I was five. Then my hair turned dark, dark brown and my eyes green. My youngest was born with dark hair, but it turned blonde.

  3. wow! Those are a lot of puppies! Congrats on your daughter's birthday!

    side note: I can name some of those beanie babies she has in the picture with her...I too, shared her love of puppies growing up :P


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