Tuesday, January 20, 2009


After church on Sunday, we went to my parents for coffee and lunch. Then everyone donned their woolies and we headed off to the park to see Snowfest. Snowfest is a contest. Several different countries join in to make sculptures out of snow and ice and are then judged. I didn't pay attention to who won because I was just amazed that snow could be carved in such detail.

The big hit for the kids were the ice slides. Thankfully it wasn't too busy because they wanted to go up and down, up and down. Squirt is our future Olympian in the luge. That child has no fear! Even if she does go head first off the track!

There was lots of activity out on the bay too. Ice fishing. I wonder if they catch anything? And bike racing. There are special tires on these bikes. They have knobby screw-like things in them to help them grip the ice. They even cover them with protective covers just like you would a pair of ice skates.

The snow was coming down again when we headed for home, so we ended up playing outside for another hour or so. The Engineer got some shots of me training Snoopy to "fly" on command. She'll do it for fun and she'll do it for treats, but not on command -- yet.

When we were good and snowed out, we went in for hot chocolate with leftover candy canes.

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  1. The snowfest sounds wonderful and that slide!... wow, that would have been fun. Glad you all had such a good time. Mmmm... hot chocolate... love it.


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