Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Late Start

This morning was so beautiful with the freshly fallen and falling snow, and sunshine too -- yes it was snowing while the sun shone -- that we were outside before 8:30 this morning. Shhh! Don't tell, but some of us were still in our pyjamas under all our winter wear.

I took photos while the kids played King of the Snowpile. Then we all played with the dog. The snow is so deep in places that Snoopy has to bound through it like a jackrabbit. She stole Bub's glove at one point and made a great game of it. She likes to lie down in the snow so only the top of her head poked out. I think she likes the snow more than we do.

We had tea when we came back in and then got down to business. Another late, late school day.


  1. More great pictures!

    Looks like a ton of fun!


  2. Now THIS is why I homeschool... days like this. Beautiful. I love the freedom in it. To be able to go and do things when you want, not when the schedule says. I love it that you took this opportunity and ran with it. (smile)


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