Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Sneek to the Creek

I had planned to join the kids outside today as it was ridiculously cold gloriously sunny with a fresh, but thin new blanket of snow. Little did I realise how icy cold the north wind was or how ridiculously inadequate my holey rubber boots would be when I stepped outside only to discover the kids were not around. (I'm not going to say missing because they would tell me they knew where they were the whole time). I let the "Snoopster" off her lead and she took off like a shot to where they were. It was where I had figured. They'd snuck off to the creek.

Despite my frozen toes, we had a great time down in there. The wind had formed huge drifts for them to dig in and climb up. The water still wasn't frozen, so we had to be careful, but it wasn't deep, so even if one misstepped, it didn't soak their feet -- unless of course if you're wearing holey rubber boots.

Next time we go, I'm wearing my woolies and proper boots! I wanna build a fort!


  1. Oh me, too! :o) That looks like so much fun! I'd love to have a creek by our place... they make for so much fun adventure, eh?

    That top picture is amazing... such a perfect sun star!

  2. Oh, and you may already know this but...

    I have an award for you over at my blog... come see! :o)

  3. There's a simple trick to getting that perfect sun star :-). I used an eight point star filter. This one however, was the one that turned out perfect. I have about five other outtakes.


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