Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's Official!

We have tossed aside Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. I can not handle pulling any more teeth, hair, whatever! On Monday, we are switching to flash cards and really easy readers. She knows the sounds and recognizes a few words, but for the most part still litterally sounds everything out. It is such a sloooow process that I almost fall asleep -- even if I have a cup of tea in hand. Hopefully, our new style works. Otherwise we may have to shelve reading for another year. She is very much the type that when she's ready will simply do it. It was like that with walking, riding a bike, tying her shoes. Squirt truly has a mind of her own.


  1. Oh, I understand...

    I tried to teach Tate to read with the same program I'm using with Gunnar. And Tate was also in public school.

    He didn't read until 2nd grade, and it just "clicked". He went from the lowest group (below "reading recovery") to the top of the class.

    But the great part was that all along he LOVED BOOKS. We made sure he was well supplied with books related to his interests (trains, heavy equipment, tornadoes, whatever) and he would spend hours with them.

    I'm sure you're right... Squirt will do it in her own time :0)

  2. I managed to get to about lesson 80 with that book... I loved it but my boy dreaded even looking at it. I finally shelved it, too, when I was at the point of intense frustration.
    We went on to other things and he's doing so much better, but I know what you mean about it being so slow you almost fall asleep... it's SO HARD not to get impatient with them, eh?

  3. Have you considered "The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching REading"? IT's by Jessie Wise and ----Buffington. I'm using it with my 4 1/2 year old. We're not to the part about actually reading, but she's enjoying the beginning section!
    Also - thanks so much for the REAL look at homeschooling. I want to homeschool, but it seems like most books, blogs, etc. are so "Rosy". And it makes me wonder if I can live up to the expectations. I like hearing that real people have to make changes and that it's okay and normal!! Thanks!

  4. Have you tried Alpha-Phonics? It is very simple. Plain and straightforward. I used 100 Easy Lessons for one of my children. They all learned to read in different ways with different "programs." I'm a big fan of letting their interest be the guide.

  5. Hi Deborah! Thanks for checking out my blog! How old is little Miss Squirt? Did you say?


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