Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Now THIS is a Canadian Winter!

We haven't had this much snow for this long in years! Although, I do know the winter of 1999-2000 we had lots too. Why? I was eight months pregnant with baby number three and every time I had an OB appointment, I had to drive during a major snowfall. Our neighbours were never so diligent about making sure our laneway was clean at all times as that winter. Bub was the only one old enough to appreciate it, but our one neighbour always made huge snow piles to sled down.

It started snowing and blowing again on Saturday. On Sunday, we awoke to more falling snow and no blowing. Sunday had some breaks in the accumulation, but Monday and Tuesday, it snowed all day even when the sun was shining. Gently falling, great big flakes! It was incredibly beautiful! Made more so by the fact that I didn't have to drive in it. This is the kind of Canadian winter that I dream about because where we live in this beautiful country is not usually that accomodating when it comes to snow. Typically it lasts for a week or so, we have a thaw and the world sits in dismal greys and browns until the next snowfall, which could be days even weeks away. Then it stays for a little while until it all melts again, and the cycle is reapeated over and over until usually sometime in March. Ugh! This is so much more beautiful!


  1. I love snow like this, too, when I don't have to drive in it. It is just so pretty! We've had a lot here, as well, but not like that! That is amazing... so glad your enjoying it. : )

  2. oh! The snow is so pretty! You're photography is wonderful too!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I must say, though, that I'm glad our winter has been mild as far as snow is concerned. Temps are another story - cold and windy!!!

  4. Oh my goodness!

    I see those pics and think... can we move in with you ?!

    Just kidding. Really. We're not stalkers. :0)

    Love the sunset... or is it sunrise? And the one of your kids, when the snow was really coming down.

    Have fun :0) (And be glad you're not snow-bound and pregnant!)

  5. What wonderful winter photos! This has been a strange winter for us! Sometimes -35, next week melting. And more snow than ever! Bring it on (the snow, not the cold!)

    I love your music - Bach Street Prelude is on right now!


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