Sunday, January 25, 2009

Simply Sunday (1000 Gifts 17-25)

It was the Simply Sunday that wasn't. Not that I didn't enjoy this day of rest, but nothing went as I thought it would and now in my disillusionment, I have done nothing all evening, but wander from one thing to the next.

The Engineer and Bub had to be at church early this morning as Bub was singing on the praise team. That left the girls and I at home to finish getting ready and hopefully make it to church on time -- which we did, surprisingly as I'm not the usual clock watcher on Sunday mornings.

It was Cadet Sunday, but Bub does not attend Cadets at our church. He goes at another church that is closer to where we live. (It's a long story, but it works wonderfully for our family!) So in the afternoon we all packed up with one extra as Bub had a friend over (also a cadet, but one from our church) and headed off to the afternoon service at the church nearer us because Bub had to read scripture.

Somewhere between first service and second service The Engineer got called in to work a night shift. This is not the norm for him. They had a mechanical failure at work on Thursday night, which has been keeping him and his fellow employees very busy over the past 72hrs. They are currently trying to unfreeze (is that a word?) the equipment, so they can get things up and running again. So as soon as we got home from church he changed, inhaled a poor excuse for supper and dashed out the door again. He does not get paid overtime for this fun adventure either. The joys of being on salary! I'm not complaining though. He (currently) still has a job and it is rare that he gets called in to work.

I hustled about getting supper ready and some things tidied as we were supposed to have Bible study here tonight. There are four couples total in our group which is wonderful really -- except when two can't make it and one spouse is working. Three people for Bible study really doesn't work :o), so I had to call off the remaining couple and I get to clean real good all over again next week, or the week after...

So, tonight I tried doing some different things with my camera and lighting. It didn't work. (I think it's high time I take a lighting course). Turned on the television only to realise why I don't watch it and turn it off again, cruised cyberspace, tried to iron out a wrinkle in our weekend away (really we're helping chaperone a Youth ski trip),and attempted to make tea three times. I am actually finally drinking in between thoughts.

Anyways, this weeks blessings:

17. hot, aromatic Chai tea.
18. the infectious laughter of my children.
19. libraries.
20. Friday evening cuddle time with The Engineer.
21. neighbours who bring over farm fresh eggs.
22. the freedom to do school with what works for my children.
23. big brown eyes.
24. good night snuggles with the children.
25. unexpected free time (even if I didn't use it wisely at all).

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