Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Internet Issues (Cont'd)

We are still having internet issues. We are strictly on dial up now, which means my time on here is limited. (It can get really frustrating if you continually get a busy signal). We had a new company out today, but with the antenna/receiver he was using, the signal was not strong enough. He's hoping to get a better one in the next few days. Hopefully, by the weekend we will have a real signal again.

So until then, I am mostly stuck with (surprisingly) being able to publish my blog (most of the time) and reading some of my fav's when they actually come up. I can't believe we were on dial up for almost eight years. Now it drives me crazy. It's just another way of reminding me what a fast paced world we live in. I should really just sit here with some crocheting or cross stitching while I wait for things to upload.

The kids' hour of French class at the library was a thrill for me and I hogged one of their computers for almost the entire time. Wow do they ever have high speed! In that time, I was able to catch up a bit again :-). I am certainly looking forward to having high speed again.


  1. Oh how frustrating! But, my, haven't our expectations changed... at least I know mine have. I used to keep a book by my computer, and would read a page or two as I waited for things to load.

    My husband is an architect and works from home, so - lucky for me - we "have" to have high-speed so he can upload and download his blueprints, email, etc.

    Yes, I'm spoiled :0)

  2. I can't imagine what dial-up would have been like! We just got internet a little over a year ago... yah, I know... we're often way "behind in the times". : )
    Hope every thing works out for you soon with high speed!


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