Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Family Birthdays

This time of the year is not only busy because of Christmas, but because we have several birthdays as well. The first one, my nephew Bright's is November 15, then on December 2 is Grampa's (my Dad). Followed by two in close succession, my baby, Squirt on December 12 and niece Giggles on December 16. Rounding up the birthday fun is my mother-in-love's, on December 21. Thankfully, for as long as I have known the Engineer, his side of the family has celebrated his mom's birthday and Christmas together, so we only need to make one trip up there in our unpredictable winter weather.

This year, my sister-in-law got smart and combined her children's birthdays. She had the party at her mom and step-dad's home. They graciously opened their beautiful bungalow -- complete with indoor pool -- to fourteen children and seven adults for a Saturday. It was a marvelous time and the children were super well behaved. The only time the noise level was really high was when they all got in the pool, but even that quieted down. They ate well, played well, and had a wonderful time.

Bravo my dear SIL! I took notes. I'm thinking of something in June though :-)!

We celebrated my dad's birthday on Sunday, but it was a smaller crowd :-). We went to my parent's place after church for coffee and lunch. My dad's sister and husband were there too (not sure where his brother was) and we had a nice time just visiting. More quiet, but equally enjoyable. Happy birthday Dad!!

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  1. Happy Birthday, everybody!

    That pool makes me crazy - I want to dive right in!


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