Wednesday, December 3, 2008


For many years I have wanted to have a special time set aside to do Advent with the children. It was really important to me when they were in public school, but back then we just couldn't seem to fit it in. Now that they're home, we have more time for special things like celebrating Advent. (Another reason, I'm glad we brought them home to learn). The first three years were spent trying to set up my own ideas of what we should do. Unfortunately, many days I am creatively challenged. I did manage to make an advent wall hanging, complete with pockets for storing Bible scripture, trinkets, and treats.

My sewing skills are really not that atrocious. This photo is at a bad angle because the tree is in the way. The advent wall hanging is actually a rectangle hanging properly on the wall. Although it is in a high traffic area, so I can't guarantee it stays that way.

The first three years we focused on Luke 2. We even memorized it the first year. This year however, I got smart and actually ordered a couple advent books ahead of time from Christian Book. Both of them are excellent. This year we are using Christmas Out of the Advent Box by Benjamin R. Husted (and family) for our family time, and I am working through 31 Family Devotions for Christmas by MariLee Parish during my morning devotions.

Husted's book has helped me figure out why I couldn't figure out the length of Advent. (Nevermind that I'm mathematically challenged in a big way)!! Depending on what day Christmas falls, the length of Advent varies by six days. (Hmmm! That explains why we were running out of ideas a few years ago). Regardless, Advent always begins four Sundays before December 25, no matter what day of the week Christmas falls on.

This year, I also decided to put together an Advent wreath. I'm not finished it yet, but we are able to light the first candle each night for supper. Then after supper, we have some sort of a cookie or piece of loaf and hot chocolate or tea in our den. It is a cozy time. The tree sparkles, our bellies are full. We spend time together learning about The Waiting. The Waiting the people did in the Old Testament, and The Waiting now, for Christ's return. I hope we will be able to make it a yearly tradition. It will be our time each day to slow down and focus on the real reason for the season.


  1. I'd like to get it together enough to do an Advent one year. Make a tradition out of it, too.

    This year I have a nativity treasure hunt in mind. An evening walk through snowy woods, searching for the next piece...

  2. I love that concept of Waiting... a lost art these days!


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