Monday, December 1, 2008

Who Wouldn't Love One of These?

Our friends' puppies are ready to leave their first home this week. These adorable plump little bundles are now looking for good loving homes. Before they leave home I wanted to squeeze in some practice doing some animal portraits -- and what better way than with a trio of darling puppies. We had our work cut out for us, but all in all, they turned out not too bad.

Who wouldn't want one of these adorable little sweeties?!? I think Snoopy needs a friend.


  1. Adorable doesn't even begin to describe these sweeties! I am completely head over heels for the one in the second photo. As I was scrolling down, I actually gasped out loud when I saw that precious face!

    We keep going back and forth on getting another dog. Financially I keep saying it's not a wise move, but our hearts are longing for another fur friend and we often think our dog misses his "sisters".

    So Snoopy might get a playmate???

  2. Hi Deborah! It's so funny... I was JUST thinking about you and so sat down to check out your blog but I noticed that I had some "comments" of my own and when I check them they were from you! Thank-you! : )Anyway, I thought that was kinda cool. So here I am and I adore those puppies! My boys would be thrilled with one of those! Too bad we're so far away and I bet they cost a "mint"! What wonderful shots! My favorite is the last one with all three of them... good job!

  3. Get the first one!! He's SO cute...and I'm not even a dog lover!

    PS I got your bookworm thing...I just keep forgetting to do it! My Bible (different version) was exactly the same distance as another book, so I might do both.


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