Sunday, November 23, 2008

Simply Sunday

It seemed almost as if it was a cold quiet Sunday in mid-January today. -1C is not that cold though, and the sun even shone, making it's way into the new windows in the hall and church offices, and warming the south side of the church.

I taught Children's Worship this morning, so I missed a large part of the service. I understand it was quite thought provoking as our focus today was on abuse. Yes, that word we as Christians would often times prefer to ignore and push away, and better yet pretend that it never happens in Christian environments.

After the service we had a special time of getting back together in the sanctuary to discuss abuse prevention -- what to be aware of, who to turn to, etc. We are blessed to have a counselor who works at the Children's Aid Society, as well as two police officers who are members of our congregation. It is mandatory in our congregation that anyone who works with children or youth have a police check done every three years -- our church even pays the fees for this. As well, we have a very open concept. Big beautiful windows everywhere. Once our new classrooms and sanctuary are complete, a new program will be set up for the care of infants and Sunday school children as well, so that it becomes the parent's responsibility to bring their children to the washrooms, change their babies, etc. It is sad that it has come to this, but as a church we would rather be safe than sorry.

We arrived home late from church and the afternoon just flew by. We soaked up the sun pouring into the den, dozed in the chairs, and later I made some Christmas cards with the girls.

The Engineer then made our almost weekly Sunday treat of Dutch pancakes (crepes), and we enjoyed them with maple syrup or brown sugar. Delicious! He's an expert at getting them thin, round, and nicely browned.

After supper we headed off to our small group meeting where we not only had the opportunity for Christian fellowship and time to learn more about what God has to say to us, but we soaked up the heat of our hosts' corn fed woodstove. (Seriously cool -- or should I say warm)!!

I am thankful for a dear friend's optimism in regard to her surgery on Friday. She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer (95% curable). Her surgery went well. She is in a great deal of pain especially because she is nauseated, but she is in good spirits. She came home today, but will need lots of rest.

It was another day filled with blessings and simple joys.


  1. Sounds so beautiful and relaxing! Good, wholesome fellowship is so needed, and so wonderful, isn't it?

  2. "It is mandatory in our congregation that anyone who works with children or youth have a police check done every three years -- our church even pays the fees for this."

    Let me just say I am VERY impressed by this! No church we've ever been to or belonged to does this. One quite large church we were members of years ago had a rule that adults teaching children's classes such as Sunday School, Girls in Action, Royal Ambassadors, etc. could NEVER be in the room alone with the children. There were supposed to be a minimum of 2 adults at all times. I was a teacher for the 1/2 GA's class and all my helpers quit. The church could have cared less about finding any replacements or volunteers and didn't even care about the rule they had in place. It troubled me quite a bit.

    My little one does not go to church. One of the reasons is because I don't know any of the workers (I am of the understanding it is different people every week). People here just don't seem concerned with background checks and such and always make me feel as though I am too cautious.


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